1) First, sign up for wikischolar site, where you will post your work:

2) Then select a book from the wikisite: *indicates a highly recommended book, Yellow highlighting indicates that the book is still available for selection.

3) Write 4-5pp (1200-1500 words) book review of the book you selected, and post it to the wikischolar site using the format that is up there (CCNMTL staff can help with wiki postings if you have any trouble). Please start your paper with a one paragraph (150 word) abstract giving the following information: who the books is about, the main figure (include Tibetan spelling of personal names if you can find), when it took place (note the time periods covered), where, what part(s) of Tibet or the world (again, include Tibetan spellings if given), what is described (contents of narrative) and why the autobiography was written (i.e. ,motive[s] for telling the story).

4) Finally, please post your papers (abstract and review) directly to the site. Within the wikisite, just go to the link for your title, click "edit", paste your review in the link, and click "save"